Two Years And Counting And I Finally Say Hello

This blog has been a while in the making. The idea for my blog is actually based in my early high school career, where I met and fell in love with a man who has been dead for 487 years–but more about him later. I bought the actual domain two years ago, and I’ve written little dribs and drabs of posts between now and then. Those are scattered throughout my various computers.

What finally prompted me to pull everything together and actually start publishing what I’ve been writing is the fact that, as of very early this morning, I pulled together the last of my paperwork to study abroad in the fall. If everything goes as planned (big if, there), I should be leaving the country in about six weeks. If everything does not go as planned, then I’ll be starting my senior year of college anyway.

Oh! Another thing that may be important–I post-date many of my entries. This is partly for safety, because I do travel a lot and I am a single woman, and while I’m fairly sure I can take care of myself, I’d rather just not deal with weirdness collected from the internet. More importantly, I do this because I’ve done plenty of interesting things already, so you can be sure that I’ll post about them.

Just pretend that you’re the Doctor’s newest companion, and everything will be fine.


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