The Bird Behind the Curtain

My name is Wren, just in case you haven’t gathered that yet.

True, it is not my given name, it is a nickname. But it is my preferred name, which makes all the difference in the world. I honestly don’t know if anyone remembers how, exactly, it came about. It might have been a misspelling of something else, or it might have been the product of a very, very late night. In the end, it does not really matter where the nickname came from, just that, when it arrived, it stuck. In time, it grew to be a pen name for my drawings and my writing, so it seemed only logical that it would be my name here, also.

In the real world, I am a student of the manipulation of man, otherwise known as anthropology. Within that, I have a great interest in archaeology and Irish history. I also love writing and drawing, as well as cosplay. The arts in general are close to my heart. Most importantly, I love adventures. I don’t particularly like being tied down to one thing, but at the same time, I hate leaving things that I love. It’s very conflicting, but an important part of me. Because, you see, this blog is really about, well, me.

I believe in the ideal of the Renaissance Man–a man who is good at everything, can move seamlessly from complicated, high-stress situations to a simple, working-in-the-mud life without so much as blinking. Obviously, life is different now, and people strive to know more and more about a particular niche because they think that is how they will succeed.

In my mind, that compartmentalizing of specialties is an assembly-line way of viewing life, and it’s time to move past the factories and into the world of the free agent. If you’re going to be a free agent, you need to have the versatility of a Renaissance Man. Being a free agent means that you’re constantly taking risks, because you don’t have the steady assurances of a factory system (assurances like, say, having a job), but I think that, in the end, you can have a lot more fun and be more successful if you take that route.

This, then, is a sort of journal of my journey becoming and being a Renaissance Woman. I hope that it might encourage you to start your own Renaissance journey, but if it doesn’t, perhaps you might be entertained by mine.


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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Good luck with your endeavor to be a Lady Leonardo da Vinci! That surely is a fine goal to shoot for!

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