Summer Is Lazy

Sleep Cycles

I might be part lizard.

Case in point: when it is too cold, I bundle up and don’t do much of anything at all. When it is too hot, I go hide somewhere and wait for it to cool off. If the temperature is decent, I’ll zip around getting stuff done, and then disappear and hide from life until the temperature is decent again. This means that I either spend my winters in hibernation, or sleep semi-decent hours. In the summer, however, my days end up looking like this: Sleep in the morning, until it gets too hot to sleep. Lounge around, doing nothing. Get hungry around dusk. Forage or cook food. Stay up all night with the windows open, doing stuff, because it is during this period that the optimal temperature is reached (and the lighting conditions are really good). Go to bed shortly before dawn. Repeat.

I realized that this must change, however, when I found that I was regularly making a list of things to do after dark. I would do my research during the afternoon, when I felt like I had no energy to do anything beside sit and stare at my computer (and one can only watch so much of Toddlers and Tiaras before one’s lifeblood is sucked away by Netflix), and then, once delicious darkness and a nice breeze descended on the land, I would begin to work. Sketching, writing, cleaning, it all began to happen in the hours when most people sleep.

This would all work fine if I was a hermit. Which I honestly wouldn’t mind. Too bad it just won’t work. Of course, that doesn’t mean I have a solution to this horrid problem. I’m actually not sure if it really is that horrid.

My dad, who holds issue with my sleep cycle, recently sent me a graphic showing the sleep patterns of the great creatives. Apparently my sleep patterns mimic that of F. Scott Fitzgerald. He told me I needed to try to be more like Beethoven. I told him I’m not a musician.

If you happen to know where the graphic is from, please let me know. It’s been retweeted so many times, I can’t figure out who actually made it. Wasn’t me, that’s for sure.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Such an interesting concept! My nephews are both F. Scotts too – much to the dismay of their grandparents. I’m sure the older (in time) folks slept when it got dark – being the light switch wasn’t invented yet.

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