Six Weeks To Jump An Ocean

Well, I just got the wonderful news that I am moving.

To a different country.

Across an ocean.

In six weeks.

Or less.

Totally not freaking out at all.

While I’ve started to hoard personal care items and at least mentally tick through what clothes I need to bring, two larger problems are staring me in the face: the first is, of course, getting there. The second is figuring out where I’m going to live once I get there. And let me tell you, housing isn’t exactly cheap in the City Centre, which is where I want to be living. This is slightly problematic in that I would like to keep living expenses to a minimum, but I’m also too stuck up to live in a home with multiple other people. One person, I can deal with. Maybe two. But more than that? Forget it.

I’m also a bit frustrated, for little reasons–like, it’s 2 in the morning there right now, and I’m awake here. And then there’s the other little thing of getting an apartment when you’re half a world away. How exactly do you DO that? You would think with the myriad of expat sites on the web one of them would come up with some suggestions, but no such luck (either that or google is REALLY falling down on the job).

Then, packing. I’m actually not too worried about that one. I like mixing and matching my clothes, and actually do make an effort to have a fairly contained wardrobe (and then I do enjoy fashion and shopping, so I end up with two wardrobes: the one I wear, and the one I look at. Guess which one I’m packing?). Plane tickets are another matter (ugh), and then…apartments. I’m really freaking out about that one. It doesn’t help that I feel like there is little to nothing I can do until I get there, other than hope that one turns up that I can email a letter of inquiry.

Oh, and the other think with apartment shopping–totally different vocabulary. It’s kind of weird reading it, but the weirdest part is realizing that I’m subconsciously using that vocabulary in everyday conversation. Oops.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    The English they use over there really isn’t the “English” we use here in the USA is it?


    • No, no it is not! On top of the accents, they substitute all sorts of words–“lift” for elevator, “let” for rent…I’m trying to think of some of the others. Oh, Queue, of course: you queue, rather than stand in line.

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