Why Move?

I suppose I did post my moving announcement in a bit of a hurry, and re-reading it now, I realize that it makes it sound like moving a third of the way around the world just snuck up and pounced on me one summer evening and I had no choice but to comply. Reality is not quite like that. Instead, this is something that I have been preparing for for years. This particular move has been about a year in the making. It stems from transferring to my current university.

I chose my university, University of the Pacific, for its international program. I had originally applied to transfer only because I knew I was going to transfer somewhere, and it was my mother’s alma matter. Other than that, they did not have any programs I was interested in, so I was stuck applying to their History department (yawn). I only attended their perspective student day because my mother MADE me, and had my heart set on attending UC Santa Barbara (and, given the various events that have happened their in the last year, ranging from a shooting to the oppression of free speech, I’m glad I didn’t). As Pacific put on the schmaltz and tried to convince me of how shiny their programs were, however, I was disinterested. That is, I was disinterested until I met a wonderful lady from the School of International Studies. She not only informed me about study abroad possibilities, but also told me that there was, in fact, an Anthropology major hiding deep in the depths of the university. To do this major, however, I had to study in a foreign country.

I immediately applied. And was accepted. And started working on squaring everything away so I could move. Because of some messy stuff (NOT the fault of SIS), it took a while for everything to be processed and approved, and while everyone else was set to go, I was still waiting to hear back. Hence my jubilation at finally hearing that I would be going.

Thus, away I go, moving to Cork, Ireland.

Now, back to hunting for a place to live….

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I picked the college I went to mostly because it was just far enough away from home that my parents and grandparents wouldn’t be visiting all that often!

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