An Indian, a Spaniard, and an American Walking into a Blues Joint…

…and that is not a joke.

We go blues dancing on Sunday nights at an old Firehouse. It is about a 45 minute drive away from campus, so we have plenty of time to talk in our nearly hour-and-a-half trip. Since both of them have, obviously, dealt with attending a university in a foreign country, I asked them about it. I mean, we do have 45 minutes to kill one way, so why not?

I struck gold. It turns out my Spanish friend had attended university in Dublin for a year, and, during that time, had dealt with a lot of the same problems I’ve been facing. She arrived early, with no apartment and no plan, other than to start hunting. During that time, she stayed at a youth hostel, which was not only cheap, but also the perfect place to start her hunt, since (apparently) youth hostels have people to assist in such searches. She eventually ended up meeting another foreign student, and together they split a place.

I somewhat wish the U.S. had hostels, because the concept is entirely foreign. The closest thing I can associate it with is dorms, though my friend insists that it is nothing like dorms (and then my Indian friend insisted that it is, and they got in an argument over it, with both of them trying to remember the English words for certain living spaces, which was quite amusing). My other option, which I am considering pursuing, is seeing if I can stay in campus housing for the end of the summer, and then move to my own apartment come September. Either way, I will have to share a living space with another human being (humans…ew…), but I suppose that shouldn’t be too bad, as long as it is only temporary.

I still want an apartment of my own, but my friends’ advice made sense, so I am planning on going early. Hopefully during those extra days I can find something. Fingers crossed!

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    LOL @ “(humans…ew…)” …but I know what you mean!

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