International Flight = Movie Marathon

Batman trilogy and Veronica Mars, specifically. And a bit of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In other news, I didn’t exactly sleep on the flight. Which is ok; I had made contingency plans so I wouldn’t be too dog tired if that was the case. The flight itself was fairly nice; not too squished, good food, free movies, babies and toddlers that were really well behaved for being cooped up in one spot for thirteen hours…basically, a good flight. Customs was fairly simple, more a lot of waiting around than anything else. But I’m in Ireland, which is where I’m supposed to be, and I’m all legal, which is a nice touch.

Once I finally got outside, I was overcome with the surreal feeling that I was in San Francisco (slightly disconcerting when you realize that my flight had, in fact, originated from San Francisco). It was just…older. Grandpa San Francisco. City Centre has all sorts of little shops and restaurants, with people walking everywhere with no regard for crosswalks, cars driving every which way, buses whooshing past, all the fun stuff. It smells a little less stale, I suppose, than San Francisco, and I didn’t see anyone dressed up like they were a robot. The bus took me as far as the train station, and then I walked the remaining kilometer to the hotel, suitcase in tow, and got all sweaty. The nice lady at the front desk let me check in an hour early, which was nice, because I was getting tired of lugging around a backpack, purse, and suitcase.

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t sleep until night time, but I was foolish and lay down for just a few minutes and ended up napping for an hour. I don’t think it hurt, however, because I am just now finishing up my rather odd dinner of fruit, muffin, and hot chocolate, and I am ready to sleep again.

Goodnight, moon.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Welcome to Ireland!! I find your comparison between San Francisco and Dublin interesting! I would have never thought to do so.

    Oh, and I do love that Kristen Bell’s quirky detective! Good luck digging up old things!

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