The Stuff I Left Out

Ok, so, arriving in Dublin wasn’t exactly as easy as one might believe based on my last post. It was a pain to find the bus, the bus was full, and then I had to find my way to my hotel without the help of my phone (whatever did we do before smart phones?). They don’t believe in street signs here. I’m usually a fairly good map reader, but unfortunately the map was a screenshot of the directions on my phone, and I had neglected to zoom out far enough to give myself good bearings (hence the getting lost part).

I have to admit, that really was the worst of my troubles. Once I got into the hotel, the feeling of having jumped through both time and space washed over me. If you’re familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there is an episode called “Beer Bad“, where Buffy and several of her friends end up becoming cavemen (to varying degrees). Hilarity ensues, of course, as they try to figure out modernity as cavemen.

That pretty much sums up how I felt. First off, the hotel is a bit different in that you do a lot more stuff with your key card. You cannot get to a floor with rooms unless you have a key card. When you walk into your room, there is a little slot for you to stick your card to turn on the lights (which automatically turn off once you remove the key and open the door). I liked the key card idea, and the lights thing is nifty…until I realized I could not figure out how to turn off two of the lights. I tried every wall switch in the room, probably a dozen times, and no luck. The other lamps all had switches on their base or by the bulb, but not these two. I even tried clapping and whistling at them. Frustrated, I gave up for the time being, only to discover that the drain on the sink was closed…and I didn’t know how to open it. Like, there has to be a lever somewhere, right?

Wrong. you actually poke the drain and it rotates to let water out. The magic lamps were de-genied thank to the ingenuity of my dad, who reminded me that some electrical cords have the switch built in to the cord. Don’t you see how smart I am?

All of this would normally have called for a comforting cup of coffee, but it was late, so I settled for a comforting cup of hot chocolate from a place called Insomnia Coffee Company. They are a chain, and I sincerely hope I will see them again, because the hot chocolate was very good, as was the muffin, which I ate for breakfast the next morning. I can’t wait to try their coffee. If it measures up to their hot chocolate, I will immediately begin lobbying for their first US location to be by my university.

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  1. Hi Wren, I read your Moms blog. Sounds like just getting around in a hotel room is a learning experience. How exciting that you are there in Ireland!! 🙂

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Ah, don’t feel bad. I encounter the same problems even within the same country and state! My dad rents a house for a week a year, and every year it’s an adventure trying to get one of the showers to go from spigot to shower and to turn the drain on. 5 years running now – and we still stumble around clueless!

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