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All pictures are taken with my iPhone, since I opted out of trying to figure out how to carry the extra weight of my Olympus camera and all its accessories. While I miss my camera, it definitely was worth it not to have the extra bag and weight–as well as the added concern of keeping a fairly expensive piece of equipment safe.


St. Finbar’s Steeple, on the walk back from Grace Church. At least, I think that is St. Finbar’s. There are lots of churches everywhere.


Aero bars are pretty much the best milk chocolate ever. The U.S. version of these taste like burnt chocolate, but I was first introduced to it by a Canadian friend. Of course when I needed chocolate I had to look for it here. I’m proud to say it tastes just as good as the Canadian version, and it has a serving size breakdown on the back (which I, of course, dutifully ignored).


Old walls everywhere look like this–and there are a lot of these sorts of walls around. Most of the time the plants are harmless, but I’ve found a couple that housed nettles. Blech.


This is the view along Proby’s Quay at low tide. I walk by this to get to the City Centre. For comparison, at high tide, the solid green on the walls is completely covered, and the bridge across (located behind me in this picture) is about 20 yards long.

IMG_0937.PNGMy SIS ducky, who lives on my window sill.

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  1. Thanks for the peak into Ireland:)

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Beautiful! You are going to get good workouts climbing up and down the hills!

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