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First Day Jitters: So It Begins

First days are always the worst, especially when they begin on a Monday morning. It wasn’t too terribly early (ok, it was about 9:30), but still…it was a decent walk from home, and breakfast consisted of two half-frozen english muffinesque … Continue reading

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(Don’t) Bet on the Losing Team

Hurling is, at the moment, the favorite sport of all people in Ireland. There’s a semifinal, or something like that, today, and Cork is playing Tipperary. Grab your red jerseys, it’s time to hit the pubs. …red for Cork, of … Continue reading

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Bet on the Winning Team

After an unfairly late night, I was supposed to meet with my consortium and our Irish contact. We met at the main gates of the school. Christy was there, as was a girl from my university (I had not met … Continue reading

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My Dear Little Minions: Tips For University Life

My Dear Little Minions, Many of you graduated high school this spring, turned 18, and are now preparing to jet off to a grand university far away from your family. Others of you graduated, turned 18, and, to help your … Continue reading

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Pizza In My Purse

To clarify, you really shouldn’t slap the stupid people. Violence is never the answer (except sometimes). In other news, let’s fast forward through my week of learning my way around city centre, sending out tons of requests for housing, and … Continue reading

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Picture Review II

  The quay at low tide.   I saw swans walking home. I couldn’t get too close, but you have two adults and two teenagers. This is the observatory on campus, which looks like a mini castle. The quad. According … Continue reading

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