Picture Review II



The quay at low tide.



I saw swans walking home. I couldn’t get too close, but you have two adults and two teenagers.


This is the observatory on campus, which looks like a mini castle.


The quad. According to local legend, if you walk across the quad, you will end up dropping out and failing to graduate. Also according to local legend, if you walk over the crest that is under that arch, you (or your girlfriend) will fall pregnant. If you want to get un-pregnant, just walk backward over the crest. Everyone claims that they know someone who disregarded these warnings and either dropped out or became pregnant or both.


Another shot of the observatory.



Not sure what this plant is, but it is pretty.


The reason why these places have entrances on the first floor is because the river used to flow down this street, and people would use boats to get around, a la Venice.


Dunnes is great. Not only does it have the strangest escalator ever (no stairs), but it also has cheap groceries.



We went to a pub for so we could watch a hurling match and enjoy some culture. This was one of the mascots.



Our table. The game was interesting, but I was ready to go about halfway through.



This is one of the suits in the University shop. I kid you not.



University building.



St. Finbarr’s Cathedral. You can see the spires from almost anywhere.



More pretty plants.



Pity this book is so expensive. It looks tantalizing.

IMG_0991.JPGThe end.


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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Wow. Such a beautiful place!! And that was one expensive book!

    I can’t picture anyone actually wearing that mustache suit!

  2. Wow, the buildings are beautiful especially the cathedral and I like the yellow doors on the al la Venice street! The plant with berries is very pretty…you are a good photographer!

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