First Day Jitters: So It Begins

First days are always the worst, especially when they begin on a Monday morning. It wasn’t too terribly early (ok, it was about 9:30), but still…it was a decent walk from home, and breakfast consisted of two half-frozen english muffinesque things eaten while I walked.

I had met most of the people in the class at the pub the previous Friday, but still settled in to my own little spot. The room was set up theater style, with long wooden mini-tables stretching across the room in front of the incredibly tiny seats. The seats reminded me of the chairs my K kids sit in. Unfortunately, the kids that sat behind me on the first day are in this course.


The prof is nice, and the layout for the course is intensive, but interesting. Apparently we do more traveling than any of the other classes, but we’re also in class for four hours every day, while, when I talked to Sam, she noted that her class has several days off each week (she’s in a business and marketing course). Sam and I went shopping after class, looking for raincoats and boots. According to my prof, we’ll need them for our first trip.

I didn’t bring a lot of shoes with me because, well, first off, they weigh a lot. Secondly, European shoes are supposed to be better quality than American shoes. No one mentioned that, the larger the sizes get, the more likely companies are to jump over shoe sizes. Essentially, in European sizes, they jump from a size 10.5 to a size 12. I wear a size 11. Cue havoc. Either way, unfortunately, they didn’t have any boots that I liked in my size. Sam did find some cute shoes, and we wandered around the shopping centre. It was fun, but I still came up shoeless. We plan to try again later in the week.

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  1. Have you Mom bring you some Crocs they don’t weigh much and yes they even have boots. First days can be scary..glad it is over:)

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Maybe you can buy shoes on the Internet over there… 🙂

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