Shopping in Circles

Sam and I went out shopping again the next day, at Penny’s, and at least managed to find a raincoat (and Audrey, and Leili). Audrey, while not in my class, is also going on a trip this weekend, and needs a raincoat, too. I found a nice coat, but the sleeves were far too short for me–it fit Audrey perfectly, though. Lucky skunk.

“Here’s one,” Sam said. “It’s black and has a hood and longer sleeves and…it’s 60 euro. Never mind.”

This repeated several times. Finally, out of frustration, I gave up and went to see what sorts of boots they had. Penny’s has a good variety of shoes, and I found several boot styles that I liked, but all but one of the styles just didn’t fit. The last style was not in my size.

“Oh, that’s a new style, so we won’t get another shipment of them again for a few weeks,” a sales associate informed me. Sigh. We looked through all the home goods, sighing over the pillows. One in particular caught my eye–it was a decorative pillow with a little bird on it that almost looked like a Wren. Finally, we gave up and returned to wandering around among the coats while Audrey headed off with her loot. Leili had found some things she wanted to buy, so we headed to the checkout counter when I saw it: a simple parka, thin, cheap, and designed to fold in on itself–a pocket parka.


Now all I have to find is a pair of boots. That should be easy, right? Right. Because every pair of cheap boots has grips on the bottom and a rounded toe in Cork. Except for every pair in every store ever. We went across the street to Dunnes to see what sorts of boots they had, and of course, struck out again. Exasperated, we again turned to wandering around the home goods department, where we all decided that we wanted to buy the entire store. Sighing, we gave up and went into the basement to go grocery shopping.

Oh, yes. The department store has a grocery store in the basement. It’s one of the best priced groceries in town. Cork never fails to surprise.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Sounds like you are learning a lot about “modern” Ireland too!

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