Girl, In Need of Boots

With the first extended trip coming up, and Tomas, our professor, warning us that it entailed a lot of walking (which I interpret as “walking through fields and stuff” rather than “walking mainly along roads and through cemeteries”), I need to find boots, and fast. So, of course, after my shopping trip with Sam&Co, I didn’t go shopping the next day. Instead, I went home and ate nutella and watched episodes of Angel and Buffy as I despaired of finding a new apartment. Now, however, the pressure is on (we leave in two days), and I. Need. Boots.

So today I went out shopping on my own. When walking home from class, I saw someone with a bag that read “River Island” and it had what appeared to be a shoe box inside. I returned home, popped open my laptop, and googled River Island. Not only did they have shoes for sale, but they had boots. Next stop, River Island!

The store is located down Opera Lane, which is actually a wide alley with stores on either side and no cars. It is actually wider than many of the alleys that allow cars. I didn’t see it the first time I went down the lane, but I did find a place called New Look with interesting displays in the window. On a lark, I popped in and headed downstairs to their shoe department, and was met with the heavenly smell of new shoes covering several walls. And boots. They had boots. Glorious boots, with rounded toes, slight heels, and treads. I grabbed about six pairs (all in my size, too!) and settled on a seat, self conscious of the number of shoes I was holding and the fact that I had to dig through my purse to find socks. My joy lessened, however, after I went through pair after pair of boots. My feet were still sore from that fateful day when I got lost while wearing shoes (remember, California girl = flipflops 9 months of the year = blisters and stuff when reintroduced to shoes), but in a way, it was helpful, since when I stood up, I immediately knew if a pair of boots would work or not. There was no way that I would get a pair of boots that only kind of fit under these circumstances.

One pair fit my right foot perfectly, but kept hitting a toe on my left. It took a few tries for me to realize that it was because the seam of my sock was sitting on a blister. There was a pair that fit better, but this pair had treads. And tromping through rainy weather on unsmooth land called for treads. So I bought them.

Now, I’m ready for anything.


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  1. I hope you share the adventure! 🙂

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    You are observant! That found you some boots!

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