Picture Review III

IMG_1003.JPGTrim Castle


View through the wall and across the river


The floor (yes, I took a picture of it.)


Part of the wall where some of the original vegetation has started growing back. Some of the flowers were thought to be extinct, but then they cleared the original flooring out of one of the rooms (the floor was made of layered grass), tossed it outside by the wall, and then forgot about it until a botanist happened to visit and went crazy with excitement. 


The Wall. Whee.


Just under where the roof would have sat, looking down. Since the original roof was gone, the restoration process put in a frosted roof to allow natural light into the building.


Looking out the window at the remnants of either an old monastery or nunnery. I forget which. You can see some of the ruins of the old church in the background. 


Part of the external wall


The “new” church, as seen from the top of Trim Castle.


The Monastery/Nunnery, river, and old church, as seen from the top of Trim Castle.


The outer defenses look very short from this perspective. 


One side is not walled, as it is directly flanked by the river. Apparently the river used to be higher. 



The uneven stairs….


 More plants growing in the walls.


 The outer wall. 


The view of the street, from the entrance of the cafe where we had lunch. 

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  1. It is beautiful there! Thanks for sharing the photos:)

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Beautiful photos of an evocative place! Sis you hear any “haunted rooms” stories?

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