Well, Guess Who’s Back?

Aaaah, computers. About a year and a half ago, I was furiously finishing a VIP (Very Important Paper). Knowing I was working hard, my flatmate made her Very First Soup (which was ok for a first try!) and invited me to come eat with her. Intrigued by both the idea of food and figuring out what on earth this VFS tasted like, I saved my work, closed my laptop, and crept out of my room to eat. A half hour later, I returned, opened up my computer, and got a Blue Screen one level worse than the Blue Screen Of Death (maybe it was the Blue Screen of Hell?). It, very simply, told me I needed to install Windows on my computer.

I already had Windows installed on my computer.

My computer, essentially, had deleted my OS.

All of my boot discs were in another country.

This cued nearly three weeks of computer hell as I fought for my computer’s life, lost everything on it, was smuggled boot discs from the interior halls of the Engineering Department, went clubbing to forget the pain of losing such a huge amount of work, and furiously re-wrote the paper that was due two days later over four different computers.

For a while, my blog happily blurped along, posting posts I had already written. And then there were no more, and I was struggling to keep my life in one piece. Now, life has smoothed out somewhat, and I am determined to pick up where I left off, mainly because I bull-headedly continued scribbling notes to myself, even when there was no computer in sight.

Thus, I give you the Wrennaissance Project, 2.0.

I’m back, baby.

Oh, also. I’m on Twitter. I’m twitting. I have no idea what I’m doing on there. My mother made me do it. But you should totally follow me. Fairly sure my handle is @river_wren_song but that is only a 95% sure because I still have trouble finding the “Tweet” button.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Welcome back!

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