Moving Day: One Girl In, One Girl Out

It nearly felt like I was in a church after Mary left (which, as it was a Sunday, I probably should have been). Despite knowing three other girls were living in the apartment, no one had yet to show their face. I might as well have been in an apartment by myself (which I honestly would not have minded). Apparently everyone had decided to sleep in. I tucked myself away in my new suite to unpack and tidy everything away. It was not until I heard voices in the hallway discussing when I was going to arrive that I finally popped out.

Let me take a moment to explain that I really do not like living with people I have never met. In fact, I would much rather hide away and enter the apartment through my bedroom window than have to directly face humans I do not know or with whom I have merely exchanged names (this was much easier in my first apartment, which had a sliding window with no screen. In this apartment, there also was no screen, but the window opened out, and only for about five inches). Meeting new people is really not my forté. This particular instance was better because I already knew Cait, but hearing voices in the hall talking about me immediately made me nervous. What if two people were moving in today, and this was not Cait’s apartment? What if, horror of horrors, they were all new people?

Ugh. As Linus so eloquently put it, “I love mankind. It’s PEOPLE I can’t stand.”

And there were people in the hall.

I cracked the door open and was immensely relieved to see Cait’s back. 33.33% of these humans were known quantities and at least somewhat friendly. Then there was Anne, a quiet girl with glasses and a short haircut, and Sal (I think that was her name), a bleach blonde who continually looked like she was smelling something bad and also had something in nearly every cabinet in the kitchen. The only ones she missed were the ones she couldn’t reach. Guess there are some perks to being tall, now. All three girls attended the same university in the States.

The rest of the day passed fairly quietly and harmoniously, and Cait agreed to go to Penny’s with me to get a duvet and other accouterments for my room and for our kitchens (because towels are nice). Anne jumped in at the last minute, and we all walked into town and went on a shopping spree.

Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention: my bedroom has a window seat. The wall is quite literally three feet thick and the window is on the very outermost section with the blinds on the innermost section. Thus there are three glorious feet of space between the two where I can sit, drink my coffee, read a book, and watch the rain. A pillow and blanket were purchased for this exact purpose. Strangely enough, most of my pillows ended up with a Parisian theme, which was completely unplanned, but suitably cute (in an understated way). There also was a beautifully fuzzy pillow, which, although frivolous, reminded me of my cat and acted as a suitable replica for a strange furry thing resting on my feet at night.

The next morning, we were all awoken by a racket in the hall, and came out to find Sal trying to manage her suitcases and get down the hall. Naturally, we asked where she was going.

“Oh, there’s some girls I know up a floor. They still have an empty room so I asked the landlord if I could switch apartments and move in with them.” She looked at me. “This isn’t because of you or anything. I just know them really well.”

Gee, thanks. That’s really reassuring.

After she left, I turned to Cait and Anne.

“So, who is she moving in with? Is it someone from your school?”

Cait shrugged. “I think they’re some girls she met last weekend? I don’t know them at all.”

Well. I wonder when the next person will move in. Fingers crossed it’s a girl.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I have to agree with Linus. 🙂

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