Too Many Classes, So Little Time

Before I left for Ireland, my university made me map out what classes I was planning to take. That said, my advisor then advised me that I would probably have to choose entirely new classes when I got there, because those classes probably would not be offered at that time or in those time slots. Further, once I arrived, I discovered that the Irish way of doing classes was that you attended for about a week, then registered.

Which means that, shortly before classes commenced, I found myself sitting on my bed with a scrap planner, my laptop, two different sets of course requirements, and a pencil, trying to figure out how I was going to fit my life together. Not all of my original classes were available, but that was okay, because I really needed only three, and I had picked out four. Thus, looking through the different courses, I managed to narrow my total course load from four classes to seven classes.

That would never do.

The problem here, of course, was that I really needed some classes (like my bones and folklore classes) to finish my degree pattern. Then I needed some other classes to fill in requirements for my minors and make the next semester (my last semester) a little more tolerable. But on the other hand, I knew most people experienced a dip in their GPA while studying abroad (more on that later), and I really wanted to keep mine up. The easiest way to do that, of course, would be to take fewer classes.

Then, too, there was my natural aversion to courses that were exam laden; this helped then out some possible choices. But I was still stuck with too many interesting things. By my account, with these courses, I would be spending more time in class and studying here as I did simply attending classes and working at home. If I had any hopes of enjoying my study abroad and getting to visit interesting places, this would all have to stop.

Finally, I made up my mind. If there were a week of classes which were free to attend with no compulsion to sign up, I would make the most of it and attend every single one of those classes (including the ones with conflicting times) and then decide after that.

Because it’s always easier to make a decision when you can make it later.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    It is nice seeing someone that wants to learn and as much as possible!

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