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Dear Europe: Some Notes on Culture and Target’s Bathrooms

In all of the flurry of stuff going on, there has been, of course, an (American) national debate surrounding the idea of bathrooms. If you’ve managed to steer clear of it, good for you. I have, however, started to see … Continue reading

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In Which Mom Loses Her iPad

I settled in at home, thankful that my parents had arrived safely, but also tired from traveling back and forth. I had a little bit more bones study I needed to finish up (because more exams! yay!), so I began … Continue reading

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Warning: Incoming Parents

My parents had, for quite a while, talked about visiting me while I studied in Ireland. Now, they finally have. Or, at least, they are somewhere over the ocean, on their way to Dublin, from where they will catch a … Continue reading

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Happy Passover!

Chag sameach! See you all on Monday!

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These Lovely Bones

I must admit, I’m still a bit like a kid in a candy store when I go into the bone lab. I mean, having my own code is one thing, but being able to walk in, take a box, and … Continue reading

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Dear Starbucks; Or, A Quick Side-Trip to Korea

I have words for you, Starbucks. Strong words. Well, actually, more of a suggestion, but a suggestion that takes more than the number of characters my twitter will allow. Hence, Hi! I’m a Gold Card Member. I drink lots of … Continue reading

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Picture Review VI (Or, Iggy Gets His Wish)

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