Dear Starbucks; Or, A Quick Side-Trip to Korea

I have words for you, Starbucks. Strong words. Well, actually, more of a suggestion, but a suggestion that takes more than the number of characters my twitter will allow. Hence, Hi!

I’m a Gold Card Member. I drink lots of Starbucks drinks, although I must admit I normally drink them when I’m in the US or Ireland (also, the Gold Card app doesn’t work when I’m not in the US. Please fix that.). But that is not why I am writing. I am writing because I just got back from a quick trip to South Korea, and, while everyone here has some burnt honey seasonal drink that is boring and way too sweet, South Korea has these awesome springtime cups which hold not one seasonal drink, not two seasonal drinks, but three seasonal drinks. They are all cherry blossom flavored, and holy smokes are they good. They’re pretty much my new favorite for seasonal drinks.

There’s a problem, however. You see, I stopped in to Starbucks because I knew it had free wifi, and instead of ordering my old standard, I took a chance on the Cherry Blossom Latte, and I fell in love. Deep, cherry-flavored coffee love, which as any caffeinista (not coffinista, because that would be a coffin-ista, and this is about coffee, not death, although a lack of the first might result in the second) knows, is one of the most dangerous types of love. Because what is a girl to do when she can’t get her caffeine?

This is a question I am forced to ponder very deeply, because these drinks aren’t being sold in the US. Or Ireland. Or, it appears, anywhere outside of South Korea, except maybe Japan. The closest is a frap that only select stores have. I’ve yet to find a select store. I only had the chance to have one cherry blossom latte, and now I can never have it again.

Never, that is, unless Starbucks does something.

Please, Starbucks, please bring the pretty blossom-papered cups to the rest of the world, most preferably to my hometown Starbucks. Just in case you need a reminder of this delicate drink you’ve hidden away in South Korea, I’ve included a picture of the menu, a picture of the drink, and a picture of my notebook chilling with the drink, since my phone was being rotten and refused to connect to the wifi.

Now have pity on the caffeine addict, and give me cherry blossom flavored coffee.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    You would think Starbucks would have someone looking at Social Media and this would get picked up! Maybe they will comment on this here!

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