Warning: Incoming Parents

My parents had, for quite a while, talked about visiting me while I studied in Ireland. Now, they finally have. Or, at least, they are somewhere over the ocean, on their way to Dublin, from where they will catch a train to Cork, for which I booked the tickets. Being the lovely daughter I am, I have decided to ditch class, head to Dublin early, and go to my favorite museum for an hour or two, and then surprise them at the train station, taking the train back with them. I even reserved our seats so the three of us would be sitting together.

In my defense, up until this point in time, I never skipped classes, with the exceptions of when I could not get off work or when I got in a car collision. In this case, I made good by talking with all my profs and/or making sure some of my friends took notes for me. See? I’m being good. As always. Because I’m good like that and I never cause trouble.

Anyway, I got up early, got some drinking chocolate and a muffin, then trotted down to the train station (which is quite a long trot). The train ride was a bit misty, and there was definitely more sheep than the last time or two. Either way, I managed to knock my ear cuff off when I took off my hoodie, and I didn’t notice until I was off the train and in the museum. Sadness.

The museum I was at was, of course, the National Museum of Ireland’s Archaeology branch, which, of course, Tomas had introduced us to a while back. I have been very slowly working my way through it whenever I can find myself in the Dublin area, and I find it quite interesting. Unfortunately, I had to leave, as I was unsure of the Dublin bus system, and I wanted to make sure I met with my parents before the train left. So I headed back to the station, and started looking around, hunting for the two tired Americans with lots of luggage.

No such luck.

I began to worry as it got closer to the departure time, so I logged on to facebook messenger, hoping that perhaps one of my parents had messaged me when they landed. Ah, yes, my mother had messaged me. When she had gotten to the train station. About two hours earlier. About fifteen minutes after I left the station.

They decided to get on an earlier train.

So I skipped class, traveled three hours to Dublin, and now get to take a three hour train ride home by myself.

I messaged my mother back, and let her know that, well, I was in Dublin, and I was trailing them by about an hour and a half. Meanwhile, I tried to figure out what I was going to for the ride home, since I hadn’t planned for it. I offered my parents’ seats to some elderly ladies who were looking for a seat–my parents’ seats were still reserved with their names.

My parents were at the train station to meet me (that’s a switch, eh?), and we grabbed a cab down to their hotel, which was handily walking distance from my apartment. Well, I mean, everything is walking distance from my apartment, but either way, this was particularly close. It is nice to have my parents’ back, and we had a wonderful dinner together.

Once I got home and took my hoodie off, I heard something fall on the ground. I bent down and picked it up.

It was my ear cuff. It had somehow gotten caught in my hoodie.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    It is a shame you missed your folks – crossed wires with the communications is never “fun.”

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