Killarney National Park, Round 2

Now that everyone was finally in town (so me, parents, and the aunties), we packed off to do some traveling of our own. One of our first stops was Killarney National Park, which, as one of my favorite places to visit, meant that my family definitely needed to go. Since it is such a huge park, I had only seen a little bit of it, but I knew which of those parts I wanted my family to see, and, since it had been a while since I last visited, I had high hopes that the rose garden would be open (because it was one of those areas that I had repeatedly seen, but never been able to walk through).

We started up at Muckross House, of course, and took the tour. This particular guide was much less informative, so we ended up hanging at the back of the pack so I could provide supplemental information and added notes about how the history of the House interacted with the history of California (which I’ve mentioned before, probably the last time I visited Muckross, when I took the actual tour). When we finished there, we wandered around the property a bit, taking pictures, munching some food, and exploring the fairy paths, which we were previously unable to access. One of my Aunts quite loved the paths, and we only left them when we realized we might actually be able to take some pictures of the rose garden, even though we could not go in (still closed, unfortunately). ย The fairy paths actually have nothing much to do with fairies; they are just small little paths that wind around a hilly area filled with plants, with no real rhyme or reason to their layout. They might be somewhat childish, but they are so fun and cute.

Both of my aunts loved the park, as did my parents. Unfortunately, we did not have time to go over to Ross Castle, but that was okay–we still have plenty of time to do other things (and plenty of other things to do).

Also, one of my aunts is on a mission to get something with a puffin on it. We may need to head up to Valentia Island area.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    A Puffin? as in the bird? Did she find something? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    A Puffin? as in the bird? Did she find something? ๐Ÿ™‚

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