In Which The Two Girls Who Don’t Drink Beer Win A Pint

MK and I ended up sticking together for most of the next day. We did a little exploring, played a little Gaelic Football, and attended a ceili. I of course loved the ceili because it is, well, dancing, and dancing is quite important to me. I also wish Gaelic Football was a thing in California when I was a kid, because it would have been the sport for me. It’s that perfect combination of soccer, rugby, and football, and I bet I would have been very good if I had grown up playing it.

The most interesting part of the day, however, was the evening. You see, each evening there was some structured (or at least semi structured, or even pretend structured) events. And this evening, there was a trivia game. Now, so far, MK and I had found several things out about each other. First off, we would much rather observe things and then do them than jump in at the beginning. Second, we like to know things before we talk to people. Third, neither of us drink. And, perhaps most importantly, neither of us like to lose.

Now, you take two girls who generally observe stuff and who also tend to have good memories and stick them into a trivia competition, you can probably predict what will happen. Fortunately, we were able to bridle our competitive spirits, as we decided to sit at the same table, and we knew each team would get its own table. We also knew that each team would consist of about four people, but no one seemed to want to join us at our table, despite the fact that one team even had five at its table, but no one wanted to vacate. Since that table happened to be Newbie and Not-Bob’s group of friends, I was pretty much okay with that. MK was too, because by this point we had started snarking about everyone else on the trip since they all seemed to want to ignore us, and so she knew all about Not-Bob’s arrival in my kitchen (which he will never live down).

So there were our odds. Our two brains against everyone else’s four or five brains. Let the games begin.

Reader, we creamed them.

Actually, we won all but one of the four rounds, which was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Actually, what it really came down to was the fact that we were not so much trying to win (ok, fine, we were trying to win), but we were equally trying to keep certain other teams from winning, and the teams that could win otherwise didn’t know enough trivia to take advantage of the situation. There was a prize, too, one which was poorly thought out: the winning team would win a free pint of beer. As in one pint. To somehow split between a team of four.

This also meant that, well, by knowing the most Irish trivia out of all of the teams, we, the two girls who didn’t drink beer, had won a pint or beer. And what were we supposed to do with that? Someone teased us that we should just give them the pint, which made us even more dead set on the idea that we were not, under any circumstances, going to give up our well earned booty. So, while everyone else decided to go down the street to a club (which was basically the only club in town), we pasted on our very nice smiles and went to go talk to the bartender, who knew exactly what was happening.

The conversation went something like this:

“So, about that pint.”
“Do ya think we could get a pint of cider, instead of beer?”
Here he paused to dramatically consider for a moment.
“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.”
“Do ya think you could make it two half pints, instead of a pint?”
More dramatic consideration.
“Oh, very well. But don’t you tell anyone, ya hear?”
As if they weren’t all going to see us when they traipsed out to the club. Also as if I wasn’t going to post about it on my personal blog so the entire internet could find out.

So we sat in one of the booths with our half pints, waved goodbye to everyone as they headed out to the club, and watched the sports channel on the telly. One of the commentators looked exactly like an actor of some sort, but we couldn’t think of what he had been in or who he had played. We finally figured it out when our drinks were lukewarm, and, after confirming that the commentator and the actor were two separate people who looked exactly the same (perhaps sports commentating was the actor’s undercover job), we gave up on the pint we didn’t really want and wandered back up to our room. We tried to stream a TV show, but the wifi was too spotty, so we kicked back, listened to some music, and went to bed.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Laffs… that one pint prize was a pretty dumb idea!

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