What My Parents Were Doing While Unattended

While I popped around Kerry and fell off cliffs, my mum was busy researching away in Dublin, being a very responsible human being and getting things done.

Meanwhile, my dad and my aunt were doing anything but. I had set my dad off to Dublin with a list of things to do, including such stately things as visiting my favourite museum in the country, where I had been hanging out when my parents decided not to take the train I had booked them (and hence had spoilt my great plan to escort them to Cork back when they arrived). He planned to make a trip over to Newgrange, which I heartily approved of. I had also, well, given him some more specialized historic journeys: most importantly, a tour in a Viking Boat. I had found out about Viking Splash Tours quite accidentally, mainly because you can’t walk much of anywhere in downtown Dublin without seeing a huge boat driving down the street with people wearing viking helmets yelling at you (in a friendly way). It is supposed to be great, as the boat both drives and floats around town.

Guess who had tons of fun being a Viking? Yup, dad and one aunt. The other aunt wandered off back to the grand old U.S. of A. I later found they topped off the day by finding a bunch of Irish cops (my dad is a retired cop, if you don’t remember), and taking a prerequisite picture in a cop car. The last time my dad was in Europe, he got pictures in a German cop car. If he ever visits a continent without finding a way to hang out with other cops, I don’t know what we will all think.

My parents had kindly waited to have dinner with me, so we wandered down to a restaurant they had come to like, and had an enjoyable evening. It actually was not that late–it was, well, the perfect time for a European dinner, so we had an official European dinner.

Soon they fly away, and I’ll be left here all alone. Which is fine–I’m just getting a bit tired of saying good bye.

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