Back On The Road: Tomas Takes Us To Lots of Graveyards

Tomas has decided that, despite the fact that there is so much to do, that he really wants us to take one last trip to a variety of places, mainly churches and graveyards. As some of you know, Tomas has been responsible for a number of interesting trips, including the trip where I met Cait and introduced a teen to an addictive substance (for which I feel no remorse at all). After all of those trips, and a fairly heavy scholastic period, Tomas was waffling on whether we would have time for another trip or not. He recently decided, however, that no matter what, he had some stuff he just had to introduce us to, so we would be heading back around the county in a bus again. He made sure to specify that this particular trip would only take place in Cork county, but even so, we would be gone for a number of days.

Cait, Ben, Leili, and myself settled in and started packing. Sam, who would not be attending, decided to join us for packing, presumably because she was bored and we are great sources of entertainment. Thus set up an interesting situation where some of us were packing, but most of us were googling the places we were going to visit. I’m more of the opinion that it’s nice to let it just be a surprise, and be appropriately awed when we arrive places. Ben wanted to know everything, and was debating if he should bring his violin or not.

He also recounted to us a recent trip he took where he hitch-hiked to a festival and met interesting people. He apparently also “paid back” his rides with music, even going so far as to play at the festival when the friend of one of the people who gave him a ride needed an extra fiddle for their band. I’m beginning to think that Ben’s hair is somewhat like River Songs–it’s full of secrets.

We set out Monday, and we’ll see what Tomas has in store for us this time–and what trouble we might manage to stir up.

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