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In Which My OS Deletes Itself, Among Other Things

After the event earlier this week, I’ve been doing very little beside attending classes and working on my paper. It is not as large as some of my other papers, but a significant portion of my final standing in the … Continue reading

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Makeup Demonstration

This evening Cait and I took a break from papers to go listen to some presentations about Halloween. One of my friends from the lab had recruited me for this (more on that later), and I had in turn recruited … Continue reading

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Cross Cultural Surprises: How Europe’s K-12 Has One-Up’d the U.S.’s

After knocking about at a few more graveyards and ruins, as well as going to see some prehistoric standing stones and one of the few hot stone bath things (there’s multiple theories on what they are–everything from feast pits to … Continue reading

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In Which I Sing 200 Feet Underground

The next stop Tomas had arranged for us was a place called Mitchelstown Caves. This particular set of caves were the sort where you first had to climb a hill, and then go down loads of stairs. As is my … Continue reading

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