In Which My OS Deletes Itself, Among Other Things

After the event earlier this week, I’ve been doing very little beside attending classes and working on my paper. It is not as large as some of my other papers, but a significant portion of my final standing in the class depends on how I do, so as one can imagine, I’ve been quite devoted to the cause. I’ve also been having a very strange series of computer issues, from a weird wobbly sound in the fan to the computer not knowing what to do when I wanted it to stop hibernating.

Today, I came home, and got something worse than the blue screen of death. I was merrily working along, when suddenly, my computer decided to run an update, and about halfway through, if freaked out and stopped. When I tried to reboot it, I got this message:


Great, just great. Because, well, all of the recovery tools on my installation media are located in freaking California. I’ll just fly right over and get them.

Instead, I took to the web and started chatting up the international students group, the Christian students union, and any other group that was silly enough to let me onto their facebook page. About 45 minutes later, someone messaged me that if I could give him my computer specs, he would smuggle the boot discs out of the IT department and let me use them. We agreed on a meeting place, and I retrieved them before the day was out. Maybe this would be a quick fix, and I could get back to my paper.

No such luck. The discs did help me, however, figure out what was wrong:


Basically, nothing I could fix on my own. After a bit of poking around, it seemed the only option really available to me was to call HP and talk to a rep.

So I did.

I’ve decided Irish help lines and much more frustrating than American ones. Mainly because everyone is so polite and apologetic that you can’t really be mad at them, plus I’m fairly sure they got an award for World’s Most Peaceful Hold Music. Seriously. Who came up with it? It’s not fair to make people who are losing all of their academic career feel happy to be on hold. Then, after all of that, when I finally did talk to a rep, who confirmed my OS was gone and my hard drive had failed (wow! what a surprise!), he very kindly asked me if I was sure I wanted to send my computer in for repairs, as if I did so, I would probably lose all of the files on my computer.

I stopped to think about this one for a moment.

“Is there any way I can get them off of my computer without a working hard drive?”

“Well, no.”

“Is there any way I can fix my hard drive without losing them?”


“So, if I don’t send my computer to you, I’ll not be able to use the files, but if I send it to you, I’ll not have the files.”

“Right…I guess I’ll arrange a pickup?”

Good idea. I mean, your accent is cute and everything, and I know you probably have to warn people that their computer won’t have everything that was originally on the now-fried hard drive, but really. Just tell me so.

A few moments later, he paused.

“Your computer is American, yes?”


“Um…would it be a problem if it comes back with a European keyboard?”


They’re supposed to send someone by to pick up the laptop tomorrow. I have a paper due on the first, and with the exception of a tiny bit I happened to email to myself, I now have nothing written for it. I’m not sure how to make up ten days worth of work between now and the first. And at this point I’m so frustrated I just don’t particularly care.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:


    What does a European keyboard have to do with a failed hard drive?

    A $10 USB memory stick would have saved your work.

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