Celebrating Halloween: Dragon of Shandon

On Halloween, I found myself at an awkward point. I could either decide to go out with my friends and enjoy the evening, or I could stay in and continue trying to fight with a computer that would not work and without which I could not finish my paper. Having spent the better part of the day doing the latter, I decided to give up and enjoy Halloween. The computer had already gotten in the way of my costuming, so I went ahead and popped in some black contact lenses and called it a day for costumes–well, at least, after I made up Cait and did some makeup work on MK’s skeleton. Then we all headed across town to see the Dragon of Shandon parade, which has been about for some time now, and we had been repeatedly told that if we did anything at all, we had to go see the Dragon of Shandon.

So we did, and we were impressed.

There were, of course, elements of your usual parades: music, marching bands, baton twirlers, poi balls (sometimes on fire), fire eaters, hula hoopers…and then the creatures of the parade. These ranged from everything from devilish costumes to large semi-mechanical creatures, with most things landing in the middle. These were incredibly impressive, although my phone (aka, camera) decided to take its cue from my computer and chose about ten minutes into the parade to just stop altogether. Whee.

As the parade went on, howeimg_2040ver, I began to get a better feel for what a lot of the creatures were made out of, and I was astounded. Many of them were constructed almost entirely of what appeared to be PVC pipe and…saran wrap. Layers and layers and layers of saran wrap, sometimes painted colors on the inside or with the pearlized shellac color on the outside, would catch the lights of the evening and make them light up, with their movable parts bringing the bony creatures to life.

Most of these were held up by poles, and moved by a number of people underneath them, but others were built on rolling devices and the person moving them was actually part of the creation. All in all, a marvelous design.

After the Dragon (the last creature in the parade) had passed, we wandered back through town. We had been told that a particular club was really good (Brie and I had visited it ages ago, and were less than impressed), so we thought about going, but MK was in jeans and Cait needed a makeup touchup, so we went back to our apartment so MK could try on a dress I had and I could fix Cait’s makeup. Ann and her girlfriend (Lily) were thinking of going out too, so we all put our brains together and decided that…while suggestions might be good, we would meet up with Sam at Lily’s favorite pub, and then go to our second favorite pub/club, and spend our evening there, and all would be well.

…or so we hoped.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    That fish looks really cool!

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