In Which MK is an Angel and Kinda Moves In

Now that Halloween was over, I had a new challenge to face: I needed to somehow rewrite my paper, which was now due, somehow get my laptop to HP so they could fix it (oh, yes–the pickup service didn’t come when they were supposed to, and then when they did come, he was flummoxed by the idea of a gate and wouldn’t ring or call up to see if anyone was home), and then write all the other papers I needed. I had already talked to my professor for the paper I lost, and filed all the paperwork for an extension (you apparently have to get the dean’s approval for turning anything in late here), but now I needed to create it. I spent a good chunk of time in the library, and then MK had a brilliant idea. Since we each had a long class back to back in the same room, she would bring her computer, and I would use it while she was in class, and she could use it while she waited for me. Then, since she had been staying over periodically due to her own roommate problems (we joked that Newbie and MK should swap places, which Newbie was almost amenable to, except then she found out that the two girls there were the exact two girls who she had been having mini catfights with), we would head home together, have dinner, and then either write more, or watch shows, which made everyone happy.

Between this few hours block and the work I had already done on the library computer (which, incidentally, kind of sucks because you can’t take breaks to go get snacks when you’re using a library computer) and Cait’s allowing me to steal hers while she was eating, sleeping, or otherwise preoccupied, I managed to finish the paper I had already written, get it turned in, and delve into the next one, which looked like it might actually be finished on time, thanks to MK.

Last night she brought her comforter over so there would be enough blankets. Between Lily’s stays over, the Boy Toy becoming an unwanted permanent fixture, and MK, this house is getting a little overfull, but I guess I’m ok with that, as long as everyone stops stealing my food.

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I’m glad it worked out in the end.

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