Pumpkin Hunting and Turkey Wars

Devoid of computers and with most everything that was about to be due on the edge of being on track to being on time, we started getting an interesting set of questions from our European friends. These were, mainly,

“When are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving? Can I come?”

Then I came home one day to find Cait waiting for me.

“Soooooooo, the chaplaincy is having a Thanksgiving dinner.”
“Yeah. We’re cooking.”


We then had a length discussion about why on earth she was planning stuff with the chaplaincy, as she is agnostic, to which the response was that Ann had got her going there, which I replied still didn’t make sense because Ann was atheist, and it seems the only person that doesn’t go to the chaplaincy is me, and I’m the only one who goes to a church regularly. I guess I’m the person who needs it the least.

Either way, Cait volunteered to do about 90% of the cooking, and was expecting me to help. Surprisingly, I actually have another paper due, and we were planning our own Thanksgiving for the following Saturday. Rather than hash all of that out now, however, we realized we needed to get shopping–and fast. So we called a house meeting, naturally, for that evening and began hashing out what we all wanted to make for our Thanksgivings. Naturally, MK and Lily were added in to this meeting. Fortunately, Newbie didn’t demand Boy Toy attend, as we probably would have kicked him out (remember, the only person in the house who actually liked him was the one who kept letting him stay over).

We started with the most basic item: turkey. Those of us who are apparently poor because we have things like budgets decided that getting a section of a turkey or a turkey wrap (pounded turkey which the butcher stuffs and rolls–comes out to be about 2.5″/4″/12″). The other one, the one who had recently lost her phone and wallet, and then when she got on the phone with her parents about 15 hours later to let them know to cancel her cards had her parents go “oh honey! We’re so sorry that happened to you! That’s what happens in Europe, it’s ok. What color iPhone do you want? We’ll overnight it to you!”, she decided that we needed a whole turkey. We had a long discussion about this until she finally offered to buy a turkey herself. Well, if she was paying, we would shrug and say “sure, why not?”

We had agreed on turkey. We quickly agreed on gravy, too, and mashed potatoes of some form (there was a small argument about skins or not skins), and stuffing was a default option. Biscuits were another assumed yes. Most everyone said green beans, but then we realized none of us liked green beans, and we were talking about the things we wanted to have at our thanksgiving, not the stuff our mums were making us eat because it was healthy (because thanksgiving is NOT about being healthy, it’s about being stuffed, obviously), so we nixed the green beans.

Then the real war began. None of us have the same desserts.

Cait hates cranberry sauce. I love cranberry sauce and there isn’t going to be such a thing as a Thanksgiving without it.

We could agree that pie was good, but couldn’t decide between pumpkin and apple, and when we finally agreed we would do both, we couldn’t agree on what type of apple pie to serve (cran apple, regular apple, or apple crumble).

There was a war about pie or sweet potato casserole. We ended up planning for a sweet potato casserole and a marshmallow sweet potato bake.

Somebody wanted to make maple candy.

Mulled wine, mulled cider, and hot cocoa were all options that had to be debated.

Pecan pie was raised by Ann. She was summarily thrown out as we had already argued over pie, but we brought her back in when we heard a mention of popcorn balls from the other side of the door.

We had started our discussion well before dinner, but it was quite dark when we finished constructing our shopping lists. Newbie was on the hook for the turkey. Cait and I had divided up the the things that needed baking, and had built a schedule for everything (we had decided that there would be two kitchens: one that Cait would run at our house, and one that I would run at MK’s). Cait is mainly on her own for the chaplaincy, however, she did talk MK, Ann, Lily and myself into coming over for a while (alright, fine, they threatened to take all the computers away from me if I didn’t come).

Oh well.

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