The Cult Of Cadbury Roses

Since we now had a lot of shopping to do, Cait and I tried to begin incorporating some of our Thanksgiving shopping into our every day shopping, which went decently until we, well, tried to find pumpkins. Because apparently no one in Europe has a use for pumpkins past October 31st and have never had pumpkin pie, like, ever. We also were kind of stuck in the cranberry department, but Cait didn’t care about that, because she doesn’t like cranberries. We did, however, find a lot of other things while we were coming over the shelves in our favorite grocery store (you know, the one in the basement of the clothing store).

Among that was Cadbury Roses.

Some of the theater people had warned me about these. Apparently they are absolutely huge in Ireland, and everyone has their absolute favorite flavor. One of my friends picked all of the orange flavored ones out of their container and resealed it, and her family got so upset about it when they opened it (thinking it had come from the manufacturer that way) that there were putting together an official complaint letter. She decided to go ahead and mix the oranges back in.

So here we are, shopping for good Thanksgiving goodies, and we realize that we are standing face to face with a tub of Cadbury Roses. Since we’ve been striking out on most other fronts, we decided to buy them. Because we can. Then we grilled the cashier on where we might find pumpkins and cranberries, but had no luck. I mentioned this to Jana when we were messaging about Thanksgiving plans, and she said she thought she had seen some frozen ones in the healthy-health commune store, so on our way home we stopped at the healthy-health commune store and bought them.

Then we went home and tried one each of all of the Cadbury Roses flavors so we could determine the exact hierarchy of our preferences. They were quite tasty, and definitely different. We will definitely be buying more.

Oh, yeah. It also took us three more stores before we could find some canned pumpkin, but find it we did.

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