A Tale of Two Thanksgivings (Part 1)

The nice thing about Cait cooking most of the food for the chaplaincy is that she also is not using her computer while she cooks, and I get to write things (because guess who has another paper due). She started pre-cooking early on Wednesday for the Chaplaincy Thanksgiving, then moved over to cook at the actual Chaplaincy for the rest of the day (as it is rather hard to cook a turkey and then carry it a half mile). I thought that would mean I had seen her for the day, but apparently she and Ann had decided that I would be going to the Chaplaincy for at least a while, no matter what, even though I knew I would be spending all of Saturday cooking and doing foodish things, which meant I wouldn’t be able to spend Saturday writing like a madwoman. I had thought that would be the end of the discussion, but apparently it wasn’t, because around five o’clock, those two showed up at my door and demanded that we go to the Chaplaincy.

Then they wouldn’t leave me alone until I agreed to go with them for a while. See how mean they are to me? And after I feed them, too.

So we set out (after I’d actually gotten dressed–because why not stay in your PJs all day when you’re working on a paper?) and went to the chaplaincy. I should take a moment now to mention that my contact lenses that I brought from the US had died, so I had ordered a replacement pair from a EU company (well, actually, two pairs), and…well, they were purple tinged. By this point in having them, I’d managed to stop telling people that I was wearing contacts when they said things like “oh, your eyes are gorgeous” (because brown eyes with purple around the edges is totally natural, right? You’d be surprised the number of people who think they are) and be content with my weird eyes, but people were still commenting on them. Because people do that sort of thing.

Anyway, we got there and settled in. Most of the food Cait had cooked had already been eaten, and the Chaplaincy had put in an order for food reinforcements from the local pizza place (you know, the one where your pizza comes with potatoes on it and on the side). There were a variety of games being played, so we settled in on the couches and began playing and talking with the people around us. I got into a very interesting discussion about early Greek philosophers with this nice beardly dude, but Cait stole my seat when I got up to get a drink. Later that evening I found out that was because she thought he was cute, which is totally not fair.

I did forgive her when he finally stood up and I realized he was a couple inches shorter than myself.

I finally escaped after about two hours of socializing and headed back to finish my paper. The next morning we were due to go shopping for all the food things, and I figured after that our grand meeting to determine who was going to cook what and where would take the majority of the rest of the day. And above all else, the paper must be finished on time.

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