A Tale of Two Thanksgivings (Part 2)

After we had finished up the Chaplaincy Thanksgiving and the last bits of classes for the week, it was time to dive into our Thanksgiving, the one which we would be hosting at our apartment. We had hit a hiccup about the day before, as Newbie had bought a turkey (because she can apparently throw money around like that, and turkey in Ireland is expensive), but being Newbie, had found out that some of her friends were planning another Thanksgiving on the same day as ours, so withdrew her turkey from our dinner to theirs. We nicely told her she couldn’t use our oven, then, and booted her off to her boyfriend’s. This, however, still left us with the issue of not having enough oven space. Because what exactly do you do when you need to cook a turkey, make three different types of pie, two different types of yams, and biscuits?

Our solution was to have to teams cooking: Cait and Ann would man the kitchen at our apartment, and MK and I would man her apartment kitchen, and somehow accomplish everything while watching bits of Avatar, because that’s the sort of people we are. It also meant that we looked like complete doofuses, winding out way through early morning Cork, hauling pans, a strange variety of food items, cooling racks, and eggs with us. We got to work and laid out a schedule in the hopes that we would get everything baked in a measly six hours or so. And we (mostly) did. Except for a few things.

Like forgetting to put the eggs in the pumpkin pie. Which basically means it doesn’t solidify.

We also had a sweet potato that wobbled the entire time we were baking it. We weren’t sure if something from Alien was going to pop out of its chest or not.

Either way, we got all of the food mostly cooked when we realized we had a problem. We had made a lot of food, and uncooked food can be shoved into various nooks and crannies of bags. Cooked food must be carried carefully. At it was hot. And there was a lot of it.

So we called a cab.

Then we had to explain to our eastern European cabbie, who didn’t speak much English, that we were celebrating Thanksgiving and wanted to transport a lot of food in his car. We finally got him to agree, but with a stern warning not to mess up his seats.

We had to call Cait so she could get us out of the car, we were too well packed in. But other than that (and discovering the EU marshmallows are not like US marshmallows and literally become liquid when melted in the oven), our dinner went off without a hitch. Oh, and Cait accidentally popped the bottom out of one of our couches, but we fixed that. Then, all nine of us curled up on the couch to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog together, which ended up resulting in the worst game of Spaghetti ever invented. But it was a great ending to one of the best Thanksgivings ever invented, so I guess that’s alright.

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