Last Class Of the Semester (The Laptop Returns)

So after living off of borrowed computers for far too long, my laptop is supposed to arrive tomorrow. We shall see if it has a European keyboard or not. Either way, it will be my computer, which means no more borrowing.

It’s also arriving just in time for the end of the semester. Today is the last class of the semester, and was complete with an exam (my only non-bone one of the semester, thank you very much), and then I have one more paper to write, and then I will be turning that one in, and MK and I will be boarding a train, taking it to Dublin, catching a late night flight to Paris, the last bus to Paris from the airport, and then stay there because we can.

We actually began planning this trip about two weeks after we met, going so far as to buy our tickets a few weeks after that. Because, clearly, you meet strange people in Europe by accident and then book week long trips to Paris with them.

Anyway, back to that last paper I’m working on. I’m currently struggling to find sources for it as I had, being the smart girl I am, realized I could use the chapter copies the prof has been handing out for the last few weeks as my sources for my paper, but then that world came crashing down on me when I realized two of them were actually from different versions of Irish History for Dummies, and I refuse to stoop to the level of quoting a For-Dummies book in any of my writing, ever. But it also means that I am not out just one source, but two. Which means I’ll be dumpster diving for sources before we leave.

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