Christmas In Cork

Christmas, despite holding one of the loneliest and saddest times of the year, is my favorite season. Yes, to me, Christmas is a season, and it is my favorite, so don’t knock it. I love lights and candles and music and lights and mulled things and chocolates and lights and wrapping presents and pretty wrapped presents and trees and lights and…all of it. And lights. I do have a bit of hatred for Rudolph and Frosty, but that’s mainly because you cannot make people shop for six weeks with only those two songs playing and not have them grow to resent what were at one point in time two lovable cartoon characters.

But anyway. Christmas. Here. In Cork.

It’s beautiful. Unlike in the States, Christmas here comes in slowly. A strand of lights appears here, a banner there, a Christmas tree…and before you know it the world has somehow transformed over about three weeks from the normal world of summertime to the world where every building glistens at night because of the waterfall of lights and there are two twenty foot tall Christmas trees at either end of the main part of town. Then the park becomes a magical little wonderland for kids with fake snow and a train (the train is pretty much the cutest thing. It’s small and it moves. Not unlike a spider, but it evokes quite a different array of feelings than a spider does.). And then, the Christmas Market.

I don’t understand why the US doesn’t have Christmas Markets. They’re pretty much the best thing ever. It’s like a never ending collection of good food and a weird mix of useful things, curio items, and those sweets that you only get once a year (and a Ferris wheel). They’re all outdoors, so it gets a bit chilly, but the things you can find are amazing. When I was at Oxford’s I found these beautiful melted glass earrings, which I subsequently bought about ten pairs of. They make wonderful gifts for overseas people. Oxford’s was probably the most crafty Christmas market I’ve been to. They also had the best mulled wine. Food wasn’t that good though. Cork’s has good food.

We spent the evening down at Cork’s. We did not buy much of interest (beside food), but we talked to a variety of vendors. I had one give me her card just in case I knew anyone from the states who was wanting to get into the pottery business and might be interested in interning. I thanked her kindly, but I doubt I’ll pass it on, as the only friend I have that might possibly use it just landed a spot at one of her top picks, so I doubt she would be up to move to Cork any time soon. Still, it’s handy to have about.

We picked up some more food before we headed back home, since we’re trying not to cook due to our imminent departure. Someone was selling Bratwurst. It smelled like home. We got a couple.

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