Disneyland Paris (Because, Well, We Can)


I honestly never really thought of myself as a Disney Girl, mainly because I never really saw the point of dressing like Minnie Mouse and I’ve never really aspired to grow up to be a princess (I aspired to grow up to be a ballerina, and not in the tutus and fluffy makeup way–I was much more aware of the raw feet and callouses and painful muscles way, which is incidentally becoming the basis for a story idea I’m sketching out. You can check out the pinterest board here). Yet, despite all that, I’ve come to be not only an annual passholder to California’s Disneyland, but I shelled out about $75-$80 for a parkhopper ticket in Paris (for reference, that’s about 140% the price of the monthly fee for my pass to the CA parks, which, for further reference, my darlingest daddy buys me). For even further reference, a park ticket was almost exactly the same price as a round trip plane flight, so I bought one set of tickets, and MK bough the other, and we called it square.

But back to Disneyland, because that’s where we were and what we were doing. We had to switch from the metro to the train to get there, and it took us about an hour. It was also cold, so we layered pretty much everything except our socks. And then we dove in.

We started in the quieter and smaller of the two parks, which is Walt Disney Studios Park. It was so quiet that the longest line was quite literally for a picture in Santa’s Sleigh. No characters, no Santa, just a line of people putting their children in the sleigh and snapping a photo. There wasn’t even an employee moderating it. Everyone just naturally queued. We wandered past that after consulting our maps and entered one of the Studio buildings, which had the opportunity for us to buy doughnuts and, more importantly, coffee. Unfortunately, a good number of the outdoor rides were closed and others were being worked on, so our adventures in that park mainly consisted of Crush’s Wild Ride and Ratatouille: The Adventure, which quickly became my favorite ride in this particular Disney Resort. Basically, you sit in a rat, put on 3D glasses, and then move through a ride that both moves at you (3D) and moves you (the rat). By far my favorite.

The Aerosmith ride was down, so we abandoned that particular park in fairly short order and made our way over to the main park. We did, however, stop in at a store and consider buying more socks, because our toes were getting cold. It was about 3°C, and I’m fairly sure the ground was frozen, because the only part of us really aware of the temperature was our feet, and they were Very Aware. Also, as a side note, I’ve discovered that while I often convert money back to USD to get an idea of costs and etc, temperatures, especially on the colder side, make the most sense in Celsius. You’ll have to deal with it.

Disneyland Paris itself had a wide variety of things, from the expected to the entirely new. There was of course Pirates of the Caribbean (a bit less full of stuff than the CA edition) and It’s A Small World (which was more like It’s A Small Europe) and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups (I love spinning), but there were also new things, like the Dragon Dungeon and the variety of Pirate Themed areas. We tried to +watch the fireworks from the bridge leaving the Robinson Family treehouse, but we got shooed down. Either way, the best part was the fireworks and the shows, because this is the first time I have been at Disneyland during Christmas, and it was beautiful.

It even snowed.

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