The Question of Frozen Ground and Running Shoes

To go back to the beginning of our trip, a long time ago, when we had randomly shoved lots of clothes into our backpacks and hoped they would suffice, we had not thought much about shoes. Mainly, we both wore the pairs that were on our feet at the time, and had not packed any other pairs. Which meant that, well, we were both wearing running shoes. For everything. This had not been much of a problem at places like Disneyland, where we were actively involved in doing things both inside and out, although we had gotten a little cold. It had not, either, been an issue when we were at the Louvre and spend the majority of our day inside looking at stuff. Now, however, we were beginning to spend more time outside, and the temperature was steadily dropping. The end result of this, then, was that we, well, were getting cold.

Sports socks and running shoes do not work well in frozen temperatures. We were quickly finding that out. And now, we were beginning to face the question of if we wanted to buy socks and have warm feet, or if we wanted to just tough it out as we were almost done, and then we would be home, with all of our shoes. Besides, I’m the girl who was wearing flipflops into December in Cork. I should be fine in running shoes in Paris, right?

The days were starting to test that resolve. The other issue, too, was that both of us had come with only a backpack. Anything we bought had to somehow fit back into that backpack, or we would have to leave it behind. After some thoughtful consideration, a review of the fact that we had splurged and bought books, and the fact that each of our backpacks probably weigh somewhere between 40 and 50 kg (that’s around a hundred pounds). If we were going to buy shoes, that would mean we were buying boots, which would probably add another kg or two to our individual weights. And neither of us were in the mood to shed anything.

At the same time, we also had made our official reservation for our Big Splurge (a fancy schmancy restaurant, if you please), and the part of us that makes us fashion aware was hating the fact that we would be wearing semi-nice things to a really nice restaurant with running shoes. Because that totally fits and makes sense. So on the other hand, we should get nice shoes.

But then we would still freeze.

Finally, we gave up and decided to try to go one more day without getting new shoes. We’ll be off for the Eiffel Tower. We’ll see how cold we get.


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