The Coypu of the Eiffel Tower

We (finally) circled back around to the Eiffel Tower and all the exciting things associated with it, this time with tickets in hand. We had already taken a variety of pictures at the Eiffel Tower, including the obligatory one where we held something between our lips and noses so we appeared to have mustaches, but we had yet to actually ascend the tower. Now, with tickets in hand, we planned to do exactly that.


The coypu in its natural (ish?) habitat

But then again, this is us, and we can’t seem to do much of anything in a proper order without finding some strange distraction to get caught up in. Today that distraction happened to be some of the water to the side of the tower, which included a strange furry thing that vaguely looked like an otter, a beaver, and a few other animals we couldn’t quite place. Thus we did what any intelligent individual would do, and hung around making kissy noises at it. It was vaguely interested in us, then, after ascertaining we had nothing of value to give (translation: we weren’t holding any interesting food products) it wandered off, leaving us to follow it at a distance while we googled furiously and tried to snap pictures. After probably a bit too long, we finally got a good picture of the animal in question, and after a bit more googling, we discovered what it was.

It was a coypu.


Long-range shot of the perp

Coypu are apparently fairly common, and they’re also an invasive species, which means nobody much likes them because they destroy things that otherwise do beneficial things. In this case, it is basically a giant, fluffy rat that eats pretty much everything (because, you know, normal rats are so picky about what they put in their mouths and all that). Thus we had, essentially, spent a half hour chasing a weird rodent that nobody wanted around anyway.

But it was cute, and cute matters, especially at the Eiffel Tower.

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One Response to The Coypu of the Eiffel Tower

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Goodness. Looks like a skinny tailed Beaver! So cool!

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