No Rest For The Weary: Hello, Dublin

So, I kinda lied. You see, we’re going home, but we’re not home yet. One of my professors had offered to give us a personalized tour of the National Library, which…is not something usual. So, of course, we leaped at the opportunity to take a look at a lot of old books. So we’re making a brief stop in Dublin before we continue on back to Cork and the university. Since neither of us have had the chance to spend much time in Dublin (beside visiting the National Museum two or three times), we’ve decided to do our best to make this one a triple header by visiting the National Museum (maybe THIS time I’ll actually make it to the bog bodies!), Trinity College (which is the home of the Book of Kells, FYI), and the National Library. The National Gallery of Ireland is just around the corner, too, and I’ve heard there’s a great blues dancing place around here (because I still haven’t been dancing since I left the US), but I have a feeling we won’t be able to get quite that far, as we do have to head home in fairly short order and, let’s face it, we’re tired. It’s been a long trip. Home sounds good. Home sounds cool.

Also, yet another one of my friends (who all seem to be much more talented at productive things than I am–my talents seem to lie in getting in trouble) has recently had a book come out, so I’ve invited him to write up a guest post to show off how awesome he is, if he doesn’t mind. Other than that, I have nothing to report, so good week, and good night.

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