Welcome To My New Home (AKA Excuses, Excuses)

I have, for a long time, wanted to add some things to this page which I have not had the ability to create, and that has frustrated me to the point that, well, I finally snapped. And in utter rebellion, I abandoned my blog until fate (or rather the fact that I changed credit cards) demanded that I actually pay some attention to it. And then I just kinda snapped again, and redid everything, from the host to the format.

It doesn’t look too different, and that’s good, I think, for the moment. It shouldn’t. But it is different. Most significantly, I’ve started adding some tabs. I try to be a regular reader and I love to talk about what I’ve read, but I hate goodreads (for no particular reason), which in today’s day and age, presents me with a problem: I have no way to spout lots of verbiage about what I’ve read. And as much as I like doing that to people in person, it tends to scare them, leaving my only release for such thoughts as the internet. Hence the first new tab, Currently Reading. I also find myself in the same quandary when I watch things, hence the second tab, Currently Watching. These may end up getting collapsed together. They may stay separate. The names will probably change, because I’m not particularly fond of them, but they say what they are, which is half the battle anyway. For now they will be separate, because odd numbered groupings look better, at least to me. There are a number of kinks to work out of the system, but I’m happy with the progress.

Other important news includes that I’m working up my nerve to start using instagram and I’ve started working on a list of independently owned coffee shops. No idea where that last one will end up. Maybe it will get a tab of it’s own, too. I’m on a bit of a power trip with all the behind-the-scenes makeover stuff. Does Caffeination Station sound too punny? Oh well. It will be what it will be when I finally make up my mind.

Oh yes, one last thing: my intent is to update the blog three times a week (MWF), as I have in the past. I intend to review a book a week, and a watch as the mood strikes me (which isn’t always that often). If you want to subscribe to these, you will need to subscribe to each page individually (again, there are some kinks that need to be worked out). The upside to this is if you hate TV and movies, you never have to see it. The downside is, well, you have to click on stuff three times. What a bother. If I someday figure out a way to streamline it, I definitely will. But for now, I give you….

The Wrenaissance Woman, 2.0.

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