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Some Thoughts on Hotel Beau Séjour

I would say things have been busy (and, I mean, they have), but they haven’t been so busy that I haven’t been able to procrastinate away ten hours worth of time, during which I watched the entirety of Hotel Beau … Continue reading

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In Defense of Rory Gilmore (Generic Spoiler Warning)

Having landed in Paris, we…got sick. Very sick. So we spent the morning sleeping and moving slowly, although we did slip down and get some pastries from the bakery down the street. Our window opens nearly all the way, and … Continue reading

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From One Coffeeshop Writer to Another: Mir Published Paper Crowns While I Wasn’t Looking

As I have been lounging around playing with bones and doodling in coffee shops, a dear friend of mine has been hard at work, writing. As I greatly enjoy reading her works (and more or less making snarky comments in … Continue reading

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Bones and Bones

My main purpose in coming to this particular school (as mentioned previously) was to accomplish the part of my degree that I could not accomplish at my own university: study bones. This had been a predicament known to me (and … Continue reading

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